Toronto Hip Hop Artist MC FÜBB

MC FÜBB (pronounced “emcee foob”) is a Toronto born hip hop MC. Having written his first poem at the age of 9 (and hundreds more since then), MC FÜBB demonstrated a natural talent for writing at a very young age. As he grew up and began listening to hip hop music, FÜBB’s poetry writing evolved into writing rhymes and he began rapping at the age of 15. Being introduced to hip hop by his oldest brother (whose tastes in hip hop music ranged from KRS-ONE to OutKast to Wu-Tang, just to name a few), MC FÜBB was inspired and spent much of his time educating himself about hip hop and the art of emceeing, subsequently falling in love with hip hop as an idea, a culture, an art-form, and a mode of self-expression. 

Since embarking on his journey into the world of hip hop, MC FÜBB has gone through tremendous transformations as an artist and an individual, which are reflected in the lyrical content of his music. He raps for the love of hip-hop, for creative self-expression, and most of all to carry a conscious-minded, (overall) positive message to those who take the time to listen. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in both psychology and philosophy. During his undergraduate career, he became president of a student run organization called “Hip Hop Headz” which was dedicated to the expression and proliferation of hip hop culture on the university campus. After graduating, MC FÜBB chose to put his degree on the shelf, taking what he’d learned from his years in academia and pursuing his passions via his career as a professional hip hop artist.

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Post-apocalyptic warzone. The earth is covered with craters, the trees are shattered into shards of burnt wood, garbage is strewn across the ground as far as the eye can see. The radio stations, buildings of record labels and commercial distributors, promotion headquarters and luxury mansions have all been reduced to rubble. And beneath all the rubble of all these buildings lay cracked and broken foundations.

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Blue Collar Worker

The Blue Collar Worker isn’t about socioeconomic class struggles. It’s a mind-state of the type of grind that nobody sees and yet everybody knows about. It’s not just about rockin’ the mic on stage or spittin’ in the booth; it’s also about trekking around the city with a full backpack and a mission to accomplish. It’s about dragging your ass out of bed when you’d rather sleep-in and taking steps even though your feet hurt. It’s about working that job that you’d rather not work so you can pay for studio time and get your tracks mixed. It’s embodying the type of courage that nobody rewards you for and doing the damn thang instead of complaining about what needs to be done.

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the poet

he sits alone,
surrounded by dozens of sheets
of crumpled, torn, and crinkled paper,
scribbles of words and fragments of sentences
littering the space between the lines,
some of them boring, cliché verses,
the odd one or two works of genius.

the echoes of words from
Kipling, Eliot, Cummings, Crane, and Morris Granatstein,
line from Rakim, Mos Def, Kweli, Common, KRS-ONE, and Guru
reverberate in his skull,
sweeping over his brain,
trickling into his soul.

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“We all need to belong, is that the wrong assumption?
Will we always be longing for something?”


“The title ‘BeLonging’ and the artwork is a reflection of struggles that we all face. We don’t want to feel left out; we want a place that feels like home, where we know we belong. However, within this longing, we often miss out on the truth that we already do belong. We are all created from the same materials and the same source, and as beings in this universe, the feeling of belonging is something that should be natural and innate within all of us. Finding and strengthening that connection is a lifelong journey.”


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